Why is your chili so different?

Our house-made chili is based on a classic Coney Island chili, which is more of a robust and meaty topping that is meant to be put on your hot dog, burgers, or fries rather than eaten by itself (although we do offer a bowl of it if you like).

I’m Gluten-free – do you have any options for me?

We have gluten-free buns available upon request and also recommend substituting a bun out for a lettuce wrap as well.

What kind of hot dogs do you use?

Like most of the items on our menu, we try to keep things traditional around here. We actually use a Coney Island east coast favorite brand of hot dog called Nathan’s Famous which are all 100% beef and have no artificial flavors or colors.

Are you hiring?

We do take resumes openly, but you should look to our Join Our Team page to see if we have any specific job openings. You can also call us at (360) 734-5226 and ask if we are currently looking to hire.

What do you have on your menu that is kid-friendly?

For kids we tend to suggest simple items like our regular cheeseburger, smoky dog, corn dog, tater tots, or a grilled cheese sandwich. We are happy to customize any item to try and make your children happy as well!